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Bana Kuma

transform your self, transform your reality EXPERIENCE THE CORE OF ALL POSSIBILITY WITH music, story, ceremony and direct council with spirit

Bana Kuma refers to our power as creators and the process by which our thoughts become reality. The Bana Kuma
calls us to expand into our greater selves and to create our own realities. This is a living wisdom engaged through music,
story, art and ceremony. The Bana Kuma does not claim to have the answers. Instead it is a means of guiding ourselves.
It is not a religion or a belief system from any one culture but an offering towards a new culture of unity.

After 10 years of training and initiation as a medium with the Shona people of Zimbabwe, Chris began co-creating
with a group of ancient spirits (Muses) called the ‘Long Agos.’ From councils with the ‘Long Agos’ and us, the “Here and
Nows”, a new Mythology was born based on 12 ancient elemental archetypes.

Chris Berry’s approach to sharing the Bana Kuma is as thought provoking as it is energetic and entertaining.
Those who feel called to gather will experience, stories, music water blessings and wisdom all towards creating a new
and better world.

* It is the message of the Bana Kuma itself and not its sources that is most important. Upon request and if appropriate channeled council with the
“long agos” may be offered to the group or individually. Although the art of channeling was at one time one of the most popular spiritual
practices on earth, we understand the negative connotations it may hold today due to misrepresentation and lack of understanding and are
therefore sensitive to correct time and place for its presentation

Where: kawai purapura 14 Mills Lane, Albany, Auckland

When: april 15 & 16 Tuesday: 5pm-10pm Wednesday: 12pM-10PM

Cost: suggested koha $50-$100

Individual Council Available



Come and learn the drum rhythms and songs of Africa with a master Drummer who has spent many years submerged in the culture of African music especially Congo and Zimbabwe Approaching the drum from a deeper culture and spiritual awareness

@ St Columba Church, 92 Surrey Cres, Grey Lynn.

THURSDAY NIGHT Thursday 17th & 24th April 2014 6pm till 7.30pm

COST:$20 per class

BOOKING ESSENTIAL: PH. JIMI 846 9663 or 021 123 2037 Drums Are Supplied


Easter Retreat with Chris Berry

Come learn the healing rhythms, dances, songs and stories of the four elements - Earth Water Fire Air.

Sunday evening, we wil put them together in a Banyumba ceremony. In Zimbabwe, tis ceremony is used to connect with Ancestral Spirits.

Daily Schedule

Camp starts Friday 9am
9 - 10:30am Drumming
10:45am - 12:15pm Dance
12:15 - 1:15pm Lunch
1:15 - 2:45pm drumming
3 - 4:30pm dance
4:45 - 5:15pm m’bira
6:30pm dinner

Evening program
7:30-9pm storytelling & singing
for each of the elements

Sunday schedule is subject to change, working towards the evening ceremony.

Sunday 7:30pm Banyumba ceremony

TANGIHUA LIONS LODGE Uniquely located in a conservation area, the Tangihua Lions lodge sits in a secluded clearing in the Tangihua forest. The Tangihua Forest is situated halfway between Whangarei on Northland’s east coast, and Dargaville.

APRIL 18 - 21, 2014

Cost: $360 Includes Tuition & Camping (Food not included) Earlybird Rates: $300 until 6/01/2014 (first 20 people only) $330 until 6/02/2014 Confirm your place with non-refundable $100 deposit Drum hire $10 for the camp Bank account details for direct deposit: 03-0255-0162140-00 Your name and N’Jinji as reference Mail cheques to: Jimi Dale 78 Taylors Rd Mt Albert, Auckland 1025

For venue information only: For directions: Google Maps “Tangihua Lodge”


With Jimi Dale

Come and discover the joy of playing music and rhythm in a group. Connect your own innate rhythm to the rhythm of the drum. These classes are using djembe drums from West Africa and will concentrate on West African rhythms and songs and there will be a focus on how polyrhythm works and how to use rhythm to inspire your own ability to improvise Also we will explore some of the healing music and Rhythms of southern Africa Recently Jimi has also been working the deeper aspects of how rhythm and sound affects how we feel and react to life situations and we may explore some of these aspects as well.
There will be a chance to learn some African dance for those who wish

@ St Columba Church, 92 Surrey Cres, Grey Lynn.

6 WEEKS THURSDAY NIGHTS Thursday 1st May to 5th June 2014 6pm till 8pm

COST: $100 for 6 weeks or $20 per class

BOOKING ESSENTIAL: PH. JIMI 846 9663 or 021 123 2037 Drums Are Supplied “Rhythm is the pulse of life if your heart is beating you can drum”


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