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Listen to 30 second samples from Tamani's CD 'Yonmilabanlo'

  1. Wassalon Soli
  2. Sofa
  3. Yonmilabanlo
  4. Dundunba
  5. Yankadi
  6. Moribayassa
  7. Sorsonet
  8. Djole

To order your copy please contact Jimi Dale on (09) 8462440 or (021) 1232037

Bangourake (Mohamed Bangoura)

NEW! First two tracks from Bangourake's new CD Mandeng Jeli. Very musical - drumming, balafon, kora, singing and more! Buy the CD and DVD now!

  1. Tama
  2. Djulubah

News: Mohamed is off to Guinee to record his third album... evidently it will be raw and HEAVY on the drumming. Nooice!!!

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